A bouquet of opportunities for the world to take note of, Emerging Kerala 2012, is your opportunity to explore, invest and establish your business interests in Kerala. With a pro-active administration and investment-friendly policies, this is your gateway to make a mark on the industrial playground of Kerala.

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Kerala, ensconced in the southwest corner of the Indian peninsula and sandwiched between the rolling greens of the Western Ghats and blue waters of the Arabian Sea, evokes a vision that is aptly captured in 'Gods Own Country.' Over the years, Kerala's famed natural beauty has attracted travelers from all corners of the globe.

This apart, Kerala sets the tone for social development in country, creating benchmarks that others choose to emulate. Kerala has been at the forefront of marking quality education and healthcare available to the masses. Kerala's human development indicators (HDI) are the highest in the country and even on par with some developed nations.

Specifically Kerala has had excellent socio-development indicators like high literacy, high life expectancy, low infant mortality, greater skew favouring the girl child and more. The result of this is the creation of a strong social fabric that has been better able to weather the turbulences thrown up by the economic upheavals of the past decade.

A natural spin-off Kerala's advanced infrastructure has been its much-acclaimed human resource potential, which has reached far and wide across the country and beyond, contributing significantly in various fields. The State has emphasized equitable growth and sustainable resource utilization for its economic progress. Kerala has placed special emphasis on being green and environment friendly. A high quality of living at relatively affordable cost has helped keep attrition rates in check.

Building on these foundations the state now proposes to bring on board partners who can help unleash the latent potential of the State for the benefit of all stakeholders. With this picture in mind Government of Kerala seeks to bring together constituents from all walks of life under the umbrella of a biennial Global Connect event positioned as 'Emerging Kerala.' While as the name suggests the focus would be on Kerala it is emphasized that the intent is to elucidate thoughts and ideas that would be actioned for the common good elsewhere in the country and other places around the globe.

To make Kerala a premier global hub of economic activity, through fostering entrepreneurship and industry, which could leverage its inherent strengths, resulting in equitable socio-economic growth.

To present and showcase Kerala  and Create  awareness amongst all stakeholders - Enterprises, Government, Institutions, Leaders & Influencers, Investors and General Public - through continuous engagement and connect initiatives, while simultaneously creating the right environment, to facilitate the transformation of Kerala into a business hub and preferred  investment destination.